Home Art Living is a  family-owned and operated home remodeling and renovations company based in British Columbia, Canada. Founded by a group of 3 Europeans who moved from Europe to Canada. As we progress, we remain focused on bringing the European style of work ethic to the forefront of everything that we do.

We specialize in home remodeling and renovations, kitchens and bathrooms, custom home designs, floors and flooring solutions, and commercial construction. For us, nothing is more important than raising the standard for home renovations and home remodeling services. We believe that the process begins with a unique vision from our clients. From there, it is our job and duty to help them see that unique vision through.

Each and every day, our team remains committed towards providing exceptional professional construction services through high quality materials, innovative custom designs, and top-tier support and service, where members of our teamwork directly with our clients to ensure that everyone remains on the same page throughout the process.

At Home Art Living, we’re not just renovating and remodeling homes – we’re turning our clients’ spaces into living, breathing works of art.

Kitchen Backsplash Installation in Lower Mainland


At Home Art Living – our mission is simple – we’re looking to offer detailed-oriented services that our clients can count on. We know just how important our work is to our clients, and for that very reason, we work to ensure that we’re not simply meeting expectations, but also exceeding them. When it comes to home renovations and remodeling, it all starts with a vision – but after that, you need a reliable, dedicated team of general contractors and building professionals to help turn that vision into a reality.

Our unwavering committing is to ensure that every last detail, feature, and highlight shines bright in the finished product.


We like to see ourselves as more than just general contractors – in our minds, we’re proud to serve as partners for one of the largest decisions that some of our clients may ever make. Renovating a home is no easy feat, and to serve as a dedicated partner for each and every one of our clients helps to ensure that the process is enjoyable, exciting, and rewarding.

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